Robbery Response Training

Robbery is a concern for every credit union and robbery is one of the most feared crimes.  Level Five is a proud partner of Veritas Training Consultants a subsidiary company of Canadian Armed Robbery Training Associates Inc. (CARTA Inc.) that provides investigative, safety and security management resource training solutions for businesses in the financial, retail, commercial, pharmacy and trucking industries.
Credit Unions are considered a high risk industry and we believe every employee should have the benefit of assistance if faced with an armed robbery situation in their workplace. The training we offer can assist senior management personnel minimize liability, in the event of injury or death to an employee, in a robbery incident.
The Robbery rehearsal classroom workshop is available in-house and through advertised open sessions that are available across Canada.  Each session is approximately 2.5 to 3 hours in length and can be held in the evening or at any other convenient time.  A certificate is provided to the credit union in order to support the Bill C-45 legislative requirements. 

Who Should Attend

All credit union employees and third party credit union suppliers should complete this training in order to comply with Bill C-45 legislation.  Every employee and third party supplier who visits the credit union must know what to do in case of a robbery or any other threat. 

About Our Facilitator

President, Todd Moore is currently a Police Detective with a large Municipal Police Service and has 25 years policing service with extensive experience in various specialized investigative units. Todd was a former investigator in the Robbery Unit for several years where he was responsible for the investigation of financial, commercial and transportation armed robberies.

In 2003, he was the recipient of the Canadian Bankers Law Enforcement Award and Gold Medal in relation to a complex armoured truck robbery investigation
Todd has delivered hundreds of workshops to Canadian Credit Union employees and achieved 100% positive testimonials and evaluation results.

To book your robbery rehearsal training session contact Candis Mirtl at Ext. 236.

Here is what one credit union had to say:

“As a result of the CARTA training our employees were able to identify a suspicious individual in a branch. The police were given a detailed description of the individual and the vehicle.  Our staff handled the situation exactly the way CARTA trained them and as a result, safeguards were in place to thwart a possible robbery.  Our branch staff  had a sense of accomplishment that they protected themselves and the assets of the credit union.  I strongly recommend this training of all credit union employees.”  Lindsay Liske, CEO Espanola & District Credit Union Limited".

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