Treasury and ALM Knowledge Exchange - TALM KE


The Treasury and ALM Knowledge Exchange is aimed specifically at dealing with today's issues facing credit union structural risk, market risk, liquidity risk and overall financial margin performance.  This conference is a must for CEO's, General Managers, CFO's, Treasurers, VP Finance and Controllers. The interactive, hands-on format will allow you to share your expertise and learn from other experienced credit union people on how to deal with the mounting pressures of managing the financial margin and various risks.

Over the years the Treasury and ALM Knowledge Exchange has become the premier source for networking and knowledge sharing for credit union professionals in the complex world of treasury and interest rate risk management.

In addition to the exchange of knowledge there are also presenters who are experts in their fields that provide additional insight into related issues.  These presenters provide valuable background experience that enhance the value added for the participants.

TALM KE 2012 is in its 11th year and it has grown as the most informative and network oriented conference for credit union treasury and finance leaders in the Ontario credit union system.   TALM KE is practical learning, the bringing together of experienced and knowledgeable experts in this field and the focus on current issues.

This year topics that will be discussed include, liquidity management and the new regulatory requirements, economic and interest rate environment - where are we heading, discussion on profitability measurement, how to position EaR, EVE and DOE going forward in this interest rate scenario and many other topics.

Knowledge Exchanges are also focused on networking and ensuring that there are opportunities to meet and carry on discussions regarding issues.  It is during this networking time that the sharing of ideas result in many solutions to common problems.  The location of TALM KE and the facilities are perfect for learning and networking.

The sessions are held at the Kingbridge Centre, King City, Ontario.

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