Professional Credit Granting (PCG) School

PCG School has been providing formal training to credit union professionals for over 35 years. More than a continuing education program, our live-in school focuses on building credit union careers, and bridging the networking gap.
The school offers courses in retail and commercial lending.

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Our Instructors

PCG School is proud to have instructors who are credit union professionals, specialists in their respective fields and leaders within the Ontario Credit Union system.

The PCG School Difference

PCG School offers credit union employees a unique learning experience. Through real-life case studies, group activities, video observation and team building, students learn the practical aspects of lending that can be immediately applied.

Life in the PCG School Video

Check out our past PCG School team videos.

PCG School Values

  • Integrity Leadership
  • Communication
  • Humour
  • Passion
  • Continuous Learning 
  • Team Player
  • Academic Excellence

Course Offerings

Retail Lending

  • Introduction to Retail Lending
  • Advanced Retail Lending
  • Introduction to Residential Mortgages
  • Advanced Mortgage Lending Strategies

Commercial Lending

  • Introduction to Commercial Lending
  • Advanced Commercial Lending I
  • Advanced Commercial Lending II - Case Study

Elective Courses

  • Leadership - From Manager to Leader
  • Retail Credit Administration

Team Building is an important part of the PCG School experience!

PCG School believes it takes more than knowledge and skills to succeed.  With this in mind we have expanded the learning experience to include sessions on Emotional Intelligence (EI), Mortal Intelligence (MI) and Body Intelligence (BI).  Often undervalued, these key fundamental motivate students to achieve greater success and be more professionally competent and capable. 

Check out the PCG School ‘Bonnie Barron Student Award of Excellence’.

Check out our past PCG School team videos.

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