PCG School "Bonnie Barron Student Award of Excellence"

Bonnie Barron Student Award of Excellence

What is the Bonnie Barron Student Award of Excellence?

The Student Award of Excellence was created as a joint venture between The Learning Institute and CUMIS (Ontario Region). The award was renamed in 2009 in honour of our much loved PCG School former student and Instructor Bonnie Barron. Bonnie exemplified the core values of our school. She motivated all those around her, and her spirit will continue to inspire us through this award. The award recognizes and rewards an exceptional PCG student who exemplifies the school values and achieves academic excellence. The award encourages results and outstanding performance.

Past Winners

2016 - Martin Harris

Who is eligible to win the award?

All PCG School students are eligible to win the award.

Is there Nomination Criteria?

Yes, in order to be nominated for the award, a student must attend the school the same year the award is given.  They must consistently demonstrate the seven PCG School values both in and out of the classroom and achieve academic excellence.

The following values and academic requirements form the basis of the award:

Integrity  by showing moral and ethical strength of character, treats others with respect, and speaks honestly and openly throughout the course.

Leadership  by demonstrating the ability to lead and guide others with inspiration, influence and trust.

Communication - by exchanging thoughts and information in a positive and powerful way.

Humour -  belief that laughter is an important part of learning and by demonstrating to others there is a human side in all of us.

Passion - by creating an exciting environment built on energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

Continuous Learning  by showing that they believe that knowledge is power and that personal growth is attained through experiences in the world and work.

Team Player  by participating and working well with others in order to achieve a common goal.

Academic Excellence will be based upon the difficulty of the course and the grades of the other nominees.

What is the Nomination Procedure?

The nomination procedures include:

1.Each Instructor will nominate one student from their class for each week of the school. Each student will have the opportunity to select one person they believe exemplifies the PCG School values.  The student selections will be considered in the final nomination.

2. A nomination form will be completed and submitted by the instructor to the selection committee. The selection committee, who will select the winner is made up of PCG School Instructors and representatives from Level Five and CUMIS.

3. The selection committee will:

  • Review all nominations
  • Seek additional information from the instructor if required
  • Ensure all criteria has been met
  • Select the recipient of the Bonnie Barron Student Award of Excellence
  • The award will be presented to the recipient at the annual Credit Union Professionals’ Association in November by a representative of TLi, CUMIS and the PCG School Instructor who nominated them.

What will the Award Winner Receive?

  • A framed Bonnie Barron Student Award of Excellence Certificate.
  • A $500 cash award and a matching $500 to Ovarian Cancer Canada.
  • An individual award of recognition to proudly display in their office.
  • A letter to their credit union CEO acknowledging the accomplishment.