Veritas Training Consultants Inc.

Veritas Training Consultants Inc. (Veritas Training) is a subsidiary company of Canadian Armed Robbery Training Associates Inc. (CARTA Inc.) and provides investigative, safety and security management resource training solutions for businesses in the financial, retail, commercial, pharmacy and trucking industries.

Veritas Training Consultants Inc. in partnership with their training partners have developed and assembled a selection of comprehensive online robbery training programs, robbery seminar training courses and robbery assignment kits which are beneficial for employees in high-risk industries, to assist them to properly manage an armed robbery situation in the workplace. These resources can also help senior management personnel minimize liability, in the event of injury or death to an employee, in a robbery incident.

Veritas Training Consultants Inc., in partnership with their media training expert offer both an online Media Relations in a Crisis Training Course and an online Crisis Communications Training Course which provide a foundation in how the media can become an ally instead of an adversary in preserving a company’s reputation during a crisis, as well as the objectives of an effective crisis communications plan.

Veritas Training Consultants Inc. in conjunction with their qualified training partner offers a comprehensive online Security Guard Basic Training Course Training to meet the Ontario Ministry guidelines.